Tipps and Tricks

Our Lab pages are hosted on github.

All changes can be done by lab members via the repository of this site is. It is located here: https://github.com/zidatalab/zidatalab.github.io. If you are a lab member and want to contribute ask Lars.


Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator for personal, project, or organization sites written in Ruby.

You can create blog posts and pages with dynamic content. All files can be created as markdown files and published wir github with no HTML needed except for dynamic content.


  1. Create your profile at _data/authors.yml (possible fields here)
  2. Add an avatar if you like at assets/images. Note: It needs to be square.
  3. Create content
    • Posts are the main type of content this site is for.
    • Projects are cumulative collections of posts with some background. So projects aren’t created all the time..



  • For no, please commit merge request and do not commit directly to master!
  • When posting or creating projects, please use metadata as shown in the yaml header of the first post and project!
  • Additional files for posts and projects should be stored in assets/posts/postname/ or assets/projects/projectname/

Errors suggestions etc.?

Just file an issue or let’s talk.

Planned Evolution of site

  1. Basic Landing site <– We are here
  2. Add Team Site
  3. Add Project sites on COVID19 etc.
  4. Add News on Articles, Presentations etc.